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By Chris, March 2, 2017 0 , ,

Dr. Fate is often perceived as the level-headed “judge” in the DC universe, with the mantle being worn by dozens of people throughout the years. In this incarnation, Dr. Fate is apparently fed up with Superman’s authoritarian shit. Watch the… Read More »

By Chris, March 1, 2017 0 , ,

Techland’s crowd-funded opus (and spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Planetscape: Torment) finally arrives on consoles and PC, much to the love of all! Plus, if you hurry out and snag the Day 1 edition, you’ll get the game, plus… Read More »

By Chris, May 26, 2016 0 ,

Another hero is joining the Paragon fray at the end of this month–a vicious cyborg by the name of Riktor. Riktor is a melee tank who specializes in crowd control. He’s a powerful initiator who brings order to the battlefield… Read More »

By Chris, July 31, 2014 0 , ,

With a sorrowful heart, we announce the final DLC set for Call of Duty: Ghosts–Extinction. Details and video after the jump! The four new small-to-medium multiplayer maps in Nemesis are designed specifically for Call of Duty’s distinctive fast-paced, gun-on-gun gameplay…. Read More »

By Chris, July 17, 2014 0 News, WII U

Quite possibly the most terrifying horror franchise I’ve ever touched, Fatal Frame, is heading to Wii U consoles later this year. The new title (also known as Fatal Frame Zero) will be hitting Japanese console on September 27th of this… Read More »

By Chris, March 20, 2014 0

It might not be the best-looking, next-gen game trailer we’ve ever seen, but ”On a Train”  certainly ratchets up the intensity. Check it out after the jump!

By Chris, April 3, 2013 0 , ,

The world looks beautiful, the graphics look stunning…and we can’t wait to see how Garret plays. …and does the mechanical eye hint that it’s a sequel of The Mechanical Age!?! Video after the jump! Only time will tell!

By Chris, March 15, 2013 0 News, PS3

Yes, it’s becoming all the rage: release a no-frills “standard” edition, a “just $20 more” edition with music, skins and in-game doodads, then the “$125+ Say-Goodbye-To-Shelf-Space-Massive-Statue” edition. As we reported back in January, the Euro edition is contained in a… Read More »

By Chris, December 6, 2012 0 News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Although Bethesda’s Pete Hines said that “they were working on the Skyrim DLC for PS3″ back in October, it’s looking like the fate of both Dawnguard and Hearthfire are nebulous at best, since they’re going full speed ahead to meet… Read More »

NEWS: EA Sports gives online gamers "Buy It New, or Pay To Play" Ultimatum

By Chris, May 12, 2010 0 News

  Alright, how ‘bout a show of hands: Sports game fans? Gotcha. Online Gamers? Uh-huh. Sports gamers who like playing online? Right. Sports gamers who like playing online, and like buying a cheaper used copy of Madden from Gamestop two… Read More »