SDCC 2010: DC Universe Online

Mark "Rngrrick" Whittenberg

Oh yes…yesterday at Comic-Con 2010, we were given a delightful slice of Sony’s upcoming DC Universe Online, complete with a panel of Blur developers, Marv Wolfmann, the allfather Jim Lee and the Joker’s voice himself…the mighty Mark Hamill. In a crowded room full of press and a handful of DC fanboys, we were treated to SDCC10′s most beautiful cinematic…the extended launch trailer for DC Universe Online.

DC Universe Online – IGN Cinematic Trailer

They pulled out most of the stops, Mark Hamil, designers, a large screen preview of the opening movie,… WOW! This game is going to be it, the game that makes World of Warcraft roll over and cry uncle. I couldn’t wait….and wait..and wait.. but finally it came.

Jim Lee and Mark "Joker" Hamill

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it…..falls flat.
My chance to be the hero (or villain) that I always wanted to be.  I downloaded the game and began the character construction process.  The level of detail that goes into the building of your avatar is amazing.  From build and gender, to minute shadings, types of powers, movement, even “attitude” for when you’re just standing around.  I got the feeling that I was really making my own hero, the one that would shake the pillars of the  world with my righteous fury.
The initial scenario is pretty straight forward and very well designed so that you can learn how to use your base abilities in a relatively safe environment.  I even got to fight side by side with Superman.  Then the honeymoon ended.
The play after that is slow and predictable.  I lost that absolute fanboy giddiness that had been driving me on.  It soon felt like I was playing Warcraft in a cape.  Sure, there are celebrity voices that pop up at random points to tell you “good job kid…” or “go here and take out x”.  But I just didn’t feel it anymore.  Now it might be that Sony/DC have been putting sooo much hype into how cool this is that it couldn’t possibly live up to the expectations of someone who wanted to believe.

Harley and th' Henchmen! Coming this Fall from…oh wait

Guess that I should have actually listened to the Sony/DC reply to a question from a kid at ComicCon who was booed after asking. “what makes you different than City of Heroes?”.  And their reply was, “we have Superman”.  And you know what, they’re right… That’s the difference, they have him and you’re playing City of Heroes…



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