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By Mick, February 20, 2015 0 Editorial, News, Next Gen, PC, PS4, Xbox One

In an incredibly unscrupulous turn of events, inept (or incredibly lazy) players are farming Elite monster skins by entering a match en masse,  and simply standing in one place while the player controlling the monster feeds, evolves and cuts through… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, September 28, 2012 1 Editorial

Dear Gamers: I play. I’ve played since I was a little kid. Since I begged my dad to buy me a Nintendo LCD Donkey Kong, Jr. Since I blew through three weeks’ allowance playing Defender at the laundromat. Since you… Read More »

EDITORIAL: Why I Don't Buy the First Model of Any System

By Vanessa, September 7, 2011 0 Editorial, News, Nintendo DS/DSi, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

When it came to video games, I was more like an underprivileged child than a spoiled one.  The first console I had ever wanted was a SNES, but the first one I owned was a GameCube, then a hand-me-down (fat)… Read More »

GEEK TECH: *crackle* "Can you hear me now?"

By Mick, August 31, 2010 0 Editorial, Reviews, Xbox 360

From the “Not All Performers Can Be Superstars” category comes our review of Microsoft’s XBOX 360 headset for Live. There’s a lot to like about this little fellow, but not a whole lot to love. In fact, about the only… Read More »

GEEK TECH WEEK 3: The Big, Shitty Cop-Out

By Mick, August 24, 2010 0 Editorial, PS3, Reviews, Tech, Wii, Xbox 360

So this is our thourougly disappointing wrap-up to controller week. We examined the “nearly best” for third-party controllers last week, and now…we tell you what our gold medalists are. In no particular order: This dandy controller can be found at… Read More »

GEEK TECH: PDP's Afterglow for PS3 "You are as a candle, the better burnt out…" (Richard III, Shakespeare)

By Mick, August 17, 2010 0 Editorial, PS3, Reviews, Tech

In every contest (and in every frat) there must be a loser, and PDP’s Afterglow controller is it. Oh sure, Pelican, you can change your name to the infinitely more professional “PDP”, but we’re always going to remember you as… Read More »

GEEK TECH WEEK 2: Losing Control

By Mick, August 16, 2010 0 Editorial, News, PS3, Reviews, Tech, Wii, Xbox 360

So you have your brand-spanking new system…you have your one controller and a game or two…but what happens when a slick new co-op title comes out? Sure, Online co-op is where it’s at…but isn’t “couch co-op” that much more rewarding?… Read More »

GEEK TECH: Week 1 – Loving the Skin You’re In

By Mick, August 9, 2010 0 Editorial, News

Remember that “new” feeling, when you finally save up enough to get that brand new, next-generation system? You carefully take it out of the box, run your fingers along the high-gloss plastic…and silently swear to keep looking as new as… Read More »


By Mick, August 9, 2010 0 Editorial, News

For the next four weeks, we’ll be featuring everything to enhance your games, from controllers and mice, to wraps and headsets. Along the way, there are going to be giveaways, reviews, previews and everything else you’d expect from your Co-Operatives!… Read More »


By Mick, June 29, 2010 0 Editorial, News, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

I’m trying my hardest to deliver this without being patently vulgar, but it seems that in addition to EA’s “pay-to-play” feature, they’ve managed to face-fuck gamers with bullshit, aggressive marketing in Madden 2011. It’s gone beyond passive, in-game posters to… Read More »