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By Julia Ghoulia, February 2, 2016 0 News, PS4

Awakening, the first chapter in Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s DLC, is now available on the PlayStation Network, with the Microsoft and PC releases coming next month. Awakening features four multiplayer maps, and Chapter 1 of the extended Zombies… Read More »

By Capn Camacho, January 27, 2016 0 News, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Xbox Games with Gold will include the interesting live-action/deck builder Hand of Fate, as well as Sacred Citadel, from February 1st to the 14th. Gears of War will replace Sacred Citadel from the 16th on, and will join Styx: Master… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, January 27, 2016 0 News, PS4, Xbox One

Kala is the newest Support class character joining the Hunters’ ranks, and she brings a whole trove of new abilities to the table. Check her out in action after the jump! Dr. Kala Kapur is an expert on Monster biology… Read More »

By Mick, January 27, 2016 0 News, PS4, Xbox One

Just in time for EVO 2016, BANDAI NAMCO announced that Nina Williams will be included in the Tekken 7: Fated Retribution roster, which probably came as a surprise to nobody. What is a surprise, however, is that Nina will apparently be… Read More »

By Capn Camacho, January 27, 2016 0 News, PS4, Xbox One

Though we have a love/hate relationship with EA’s newest money-suck, Star Wars: Battlefront remains a relatively fun, engaging endeavor. Yesterday, EA announced the release schedule for both pay and free DLC for 2016. The good news, if there is any,… Read More »

By Johnny-Thin, November 3, 2015 0 News, PS4

According to the latest entry on the PlayStation blog, Sony will be utilizing the PlayStation Now system as its primary vehicle to deliver “older” games to the PS4. Of the 105 new additions, 21 will be Capcom classics, including Resident Evil… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, November 3, 2015 0 Mobile, Multiplatform, News

King, the sue-happy company behind the most obnoxious…er…successful mobile title of all time, Candy Crush Saga, has just been purchased by Activision Blizzard for a cool $5.9 million. Bobby Kotick, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard, said, “The combined revenues… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, November 3, 2015 0 News, Tech, Uncategorized

In celebration of the soon to be released Star Wars™ Battlefront™ video game, the limited edition Sandtrooper headset is themed after the squad of Stormtroopers donning the signature orange shoulder pauldron, are individually numbered, and come with an extra set of swappable Star Wars speaker… Read More »

By Capn Camacho, November 3, 2015 0 Multiplatform, News

If you haven’t yet checked out the cadre of Jack trivia titles out for current- (and last-) gen consoles…you’re missing out on something HUGE! Lucky for you, they’ve combined the prior individual DLC titles into one slick disc! The game… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, October 8, 2015 0 News, PC

Razer, the preeminent PC gaming outfit will be releasing the snazziest version yet of its BlackWidow keyboard. The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate has been redesigned from the ground up with an all-new set of features, and is equipped with the multi-award… Read More »