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By Mick, June 11, 2013 0 E3, News, PS4, Xbox One

Yes, hot on the heels of the Forza and Need for Speed announcement, Ubisoft’s trailer for The Crew shows a team of racers vying for HOLY SHIT! IS THAT AN OFFROAD DODGE CHARGER!?! It’s…it’s beautiful. The Crew will have you… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, May 16, 2013 0 News, Next Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360

In a serious bid to lock down purchases through Amazon, EA’s Madden NFL 25, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise, will include a voucher for a free year of the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV. DirecTV non-subscribers will get… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, May 7, 2013 0 Interview, News, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360

GTFO, a documentary investigating the continual harassment of girl gamers, reached its $20,000 goal today (actually, it’s at $25,000+ and there’s 3 days left!). Trailer after the jump! The documentary features interviews with gamers, developers, scholars, journalists and bloggers. The… Read More »

By Johnny-Thin, April 30, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360

Sources at a major retailer have confirmed that they had received preorder incentive posters for the newest Call of Duty title, “Ghosts” last weekend. The Ghosts poster will be given away free to customers who preorder the game. As of… Read More »

By Mick, April 24, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360

UK superstore Tesco recently published a preorder listing for a new Call of Duty title, Ghosts, due out December 30th, 2013. The 12/30/13 date is nothing new, since developers routinely put  12/30 or 12/31 as their default Q4 dates. What is… Read More »

By Mick, March 15, 2013 1 News, PC, PS4, Xbox 360

Fans were concerned about the Saint’s Row IP when THQ went under. Since it’s inception, it has pushed the envelope of taste in sandbox games…then set the whole damn envelope on fire. Trailer after the jump!

By Mick, March 6, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, PS4, Uncategorized, Xbox 360

PETA has sets its sights on Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV, because they included a whaling element in the game. Sure, it’s historically accurate…but THINK OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO PLAY ASSASSIN’S CREED IV! Sure, it seems… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, February 26, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, PS4

Though fans have been chattering about it since console Diablo III was announced, Blizzard Community Manager Vaeflare put the rumors to rest in a D3 forum earlier today. “While we think cross-platform play would be awesome, there are currently no… Read More »

By Mick, February 21, 2013 0 News, PS4

As if the hardware announcement wasn’t rousing enough, we just got word of a partial list of titles for 2013′s PlayStation 4: Diablo III (also coming to PS3!) Killzone: Shadows Fall Infamous: Second Son Final Fantasy Watchdogs (also on PS3,… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, February 21, 2013 0 News, Next Gen, PS4

It’s here (well, in the news sense), it’s sexy…and it’s also features a 8-core (!) AMD Jaguar x86-64 integrated APU, as well as a AMD Radeon graphics processor that will slam 1.84 TFLOPS into your cortex. It will also have… Read More »