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E3 2011: A Simple Wrap-Up

By Vanessa, June 18, 2011 0 News, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360

I know, I know, we’re a little late to the E3 table, but we’ll make up for it by providing you the highlights of E3 without the fat. Consoles Looking forward to new consoles is half of the excitement of… Read More »

NEWS: "Welcome Back Package" for PS3 users is…well…nice!

By Julia Ghoulia, May 30, 2011 0 News, PS3, PSP

25 days. Technically ~29 if you count the errant outages and password issues that have plagued the PSN since its re-launch. There seems to be no 100% guarantee about the live service, and the PS Store is still out of… Read More »

NEWS: Sony to public: "…We have not yet determined if the users' credit card numbers have been compromised…"

By Mick, April 26, 2011 0 News, PS3, PSP, Tech

In a shocking revelation, Sony revealed that they don’t really know what’s going on in regards to their now 4-day denial of service. According to an IDG interview with SCEA Tokyo’s Satoshi Fukuoka: “The company is conducting a thorough investigation… Read More »


By Mick, September 2, 2010 1 PC, PS3, PSP, Reviews, Tech, Xbox 360

In a stroke of unabashed genius, the cats at Turtle Beach sent us two unique peripherals that complement eachother amazingly: the Ear Force X11 and the Ear Force DSS . And, well, they’re like chocolate and peanut butter—the two great… Read More »

GEEK TECH Gold Medalist: Gelaskins

By Mick, August 13, 2010 0 Nintendo DS/DSi, PC, PS3, PSP, Reviews, Tech, Wii, Xbox 360

So we already covered cheap alternatives to giving your system a facelift…but cheap comes with its own price:99% of skin vinyls stretch easily, rendering the skin unusuable. Non-vinyl skins tend to be chunky, with poor adhesive.  And faceplates…well…faceplates will run… Read More »

Geek Tech Week 1: Skin Deep for Cheap

By Mick, August 11, 2010 0 Nintendo DS/DSi, PS3, PSP, Reviews, Tech, Wii, Xbox 360

So you wanna skin your system. Problem is, the market is FLOODED with products. “Screen Guards” (2 of 30 actually work), “scratch resistant” and “reusable” are all buzzwords–but the reality is that a LOT of these products are single use…. Read More »

NEWS: Sony to start charging for online “premium” play

By Mick, May 19, 2010 0 News, PS3, PSP

According to a high-ranking Sony source, Sony will unveil a new “premium” online package for “less than 50 pounds a year” (which is roughly $74), and will feature one free PSN downloaded game per month (from a pool of four)…. Read More »

It's like sexy life support for your PSP…

By Mick, March 25, 2010 0 PSP, Reviews, Tech

The Nyko Charger Case has been one of the most highly-anticipated PSP accessories, and has been hyped since the system’s launch. Next to the Logitech clear case, it’s the most strong, resilient case for your system. I mean, come on…you… Read More »

The most bangin’ subs around?

By Mick, March 25, 2010 0 PSP, Reviews, Tech

The cats at Headbangers were smooth enough to toss two pairs of EarSubs our way; a set for all headphone-based electronics and a PSP-exclusive pair, both retailing for $29.99 ($20 less than the similar Logitech subs) . And, while the… Read More »