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REVIEW: Skylanders – Spyro's Adventure

By Mick, October 27, 2011 0 Reviews, Xbox 360

So before all the hate mail comes flooding in, I have a confession to make: I’ve never played a Spyro game in my life, ever. Also, as long as we’re disclosing, I’ve never played Pokemon (in any capacity), seen/played anything… Read More »

REVIEW: Spider-Man – Edge of Time

By Mick, October 21, 2011 0 PS3, Reviews

Last year, we got a hearty dose of Spider-Schitzophrenia with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, a title that had us sliding into the boots of Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man: Noir and Ultimate Spider-Man. In our review, it was apparent that while… Read More »

REVIEW: X-Men: Destiny

By Mick, October 12, 2011 0 Nintendo DS/DSi, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360

I’m what people would refer to as a “X-Men fanboy”…I’ve been following their exploits on and off since I was about six years old. In fact, one of the brightest tattoos on my body is the Xavier School for Gifted… Read More »

REVIEW: Rise of Nightmares for Xbox 360 Kinect

By Mick, September 15, 2011 0 Reviews, Xbox 360

We here at The Co-Operatives LOVE our Kinect, because at the very least, it gives us a chance to laugh at other staff members as they flail around and fall over stuff. That, and it can be extremely fun to… Read More »

REVIEW: Ugly Americans – Apocalypsegeddon

By Julia Ghoulia, September 14, 2011 0 PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360

Ugly Americans is most definitely a niche show…and seeing as how we’re a rather niche site, it’s fair to say: we get each other. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s basically an “Office Space meets Spaceballs meets Angel” comedy… Read More »

REVIEW: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

By Vanessa, August 4, 2011 0 PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360

Overall Score: 7.5 System: Xbox 360/PS3 Release Date: July 5, 2011 Release Price: $39.99 Developer: Vicious Cycle Software Publisher: D3 Publisher “I am SO stoked to be a part of the EDF!”  The EDF is back, and I was VERY… Read More »

REVIEW: Captain America – Super Soldier

By Mick, July 20, 2011 0 PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360

Marvel’s cranking out franchise titles like hotcakes in preparation for the Avengers film next year…and with each film comes a bevy of tie-in titles from Sega. Don’t be alarmed: none of the Captain America titles are shoddy, 4-hour affairs. Seriously…. Read More »

REVIEW: Transformers – Dark of the Moon

By Mick, June 30, 2011 0 PC, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360

I’ve said it before, and I’m bound to say it again: whenever the summer hollywood lineup is announced, gamers take a deep, pained breath. It’s not that summer blockbuster games are awful…wait…nope, that’s EXACTLY what they tend to be. But… Read More »

REVIEW: CoD Black Ops Annihilation Map-Pack!

By Aaron, June 29, 2011 0 Reviews, Xbox 360

So, first of all, it has to be said. Treyarch ain’t messing around. This is now the third map-pack expansion for COD: Black Ops. Each MP has brought exceptionally well-crafted and varied venues for slaughter and the Annihilation pack is… Read More »

REVIEW: Duke Nukem Forever

By Mick, June 26, 2011 0 PC, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360

“What about the game, Duke? Is it any good?” “Yeah…but after 12 fucking years, it should be!” This is literally one of the first lines you hear in Duke Nukem: Forever…and like ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to admire… Read More »