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By Mick, July 28, 2014 0 Interview, PC, PS4, SDCC, Xbox One

Yesterday, we sat down for an in-depth interview, following CD Projekt Red’s stunning live-play through a mission in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The live-play focused on a side mission that you undertake while searching for Ciri, Geralt’s “daughter-figure”. Nothing… Read More »

By Mick, July 28, 2014 0 Interview, News, PC, PS4, SDCC, Xbox One

Earlier today, after climbing into a massive, claustrophobic xenomorph egg and playing 10 uninterrupted minutes of Sega’s upcoming Alien: Isolation, we got to sit down with Creative Lead Alistair Hope for a little more information on our favorite black-shelled, drooling… Read More »

By Capn Camacho, July 27, 2014 0 News, SDCC

Bioware held a panel at San Diego Comic-Con to shed some light on the direction that they plan to take their acclaimed Mass Effect franchise in the future. Back in June it was revealed that the series will be making… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, July 26, 2014 0 News, PS3, PS4, SDCC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

With an endless stream of Lord Of The Rings games coming to consoles since the first movie was released, and most of them being completely forgettable, I counted over 20 titles, mostly PC friendly RPG ones, its about time that… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, July 18, 2014 0 News, SDCC

Have you ever finished a run on Assassin’s Creed and thought to yourself “I could do that”? Well, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is! The team at Ubisoft (headed up by their Chief Parkour Officer,… Read More »

By Mick, August 13, 2013 0 PC, PS3, SDCC

If you have Borderlands 2 AND the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, we have some special codes for you! The first is an Axton wardrobe SHiFT key that’s useable ONLY in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Get the… Read More »

By Mick, July 30, 2013 0 Exclusive, Interview, MMO/Tabletop, SDCC, Tabletop

Recently, we caught up with Privateer Press’ marketing manager, Lyle Lowery, about the newest offshoot of the Level 7 universe, Level 7: Omega Protocol. Unlike Level 7: Escape, you’re actually breaking in to Subterra Bravo. Because, y’know, that sounds sane…Then… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, July 22, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, SDCC, WII U, Xbox 360

Go ahead, I dare you to not sing this song. Even if you only remember the giddy and infectious Woo Hoo, it’s all you need for hours and days of, oh god please leave my brain. I present you with… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, July 22, 2013 0 PC, PS3, SDCC, Xbox 360

I preface this article by saying, the facts presented here…well…they might not be facts at all. Matt Stone and Trey Parker rambled on about the overall awesomeness of their up coming South Park game Stick Of Truth, a “totally hands… Read More »

By Julia Ghoulia, July 22, 2013 0 News, PS3, SDCC, Xbox 360

The future certainly looks flashier for Tekken Fans, with the announcement Of Tekken Revolution DLC.Voyaging to uncharted waters seems to not concern the creative staff of this juggernaut of a Fighting institution, with a strong fan base as this they… Read More »