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NEWS: If you dig Datel…now's the time to buy.

By Julia Ghoulia, April 7, 2010 0 News, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360

The sue-war rages on between Microsoft and UK peripheral company Datel. Back in November, Microsoft got wind that Datel was producing a third-party memory card, and sent out an update that disabled all third-party memory devices.  Predictably, Datel sued big… Read More »

NEWS: April 6, 2010—The day Microsoft caught up with Sony…sorta.

By Mick, April 6, 2010 0 News, Xbox 360

As promised earlier this year, an update for the Xbox 360 came out today that will virtually do away with their pricy proprietary “memory cards” by allowing USB storage via third-party devices. The update, however, is not universal: Microsoft requires… Read More »

Old Spice® joins the ranks of piss-poor Advergames. Joy.

By Mick, April 6, 2010 0 Editorial, News, Xbox 360

Okay. Show of hands. Who remembers the AWFUL Burger King “value game” craze that hit four years ago. Okay…I can see two of you with your hands up in the back. The rest of you can journey on down to… Read More »

NEWS: Bad Company 2 Squad Rush mode now FREE

By Julia Ghoulia, April 4, 2010 0 News, PS3, Xbox 360

As of last night, EA made Bad Company 2’s Squad Rush available for FREE via its download channels. Squad Rush was previously only available to those who preordered the title from Gamestop and other retail outlets. Squad Rush is a… Read More »

NEWS: “The Stimulus Package” for Modern Warfare 2: maybe not just a fancy title after all…

By Mick, April 4, 2010 0 News, PS3, Xbox 360

The US cats at Activision have managed to keep quiet, but the UK/Ireland rep has been yapping up a storm. Apparently, there has been “an aggressive marketing campaign” in the UK to hype the Stimulus package’s release…to the tune of… Read More »

REVIEW: “Baaaaaad Company, ‘til the day I die…”

By Mick, April 3, 2010 0 PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360

Let me start by saying this: I barely played the first incarnation of Battlefield: Bad Company, so my review may be somewhat unbalanced. It wasn’t that I thought it was a poor title, by any means…it was merely trumped by… Read More »

REVIEW: Modern Warfare 2: Sequels and Sundaes.

By Aaron, April 1, 2010 0 Editorial, Xbox 360

There are few things more soul-crushing to a “gamer” than a long and anticipation-filled wait for a game, followed by vast and complete disappointment. It’s like wandering a desert for a week and eventually coming across an ice cream stand… Read More »

Bargain Bin: The Outfit

By Mick, March 25, 2010 0 Xbox 360

The Outfit is THQ’s “blow-‘em-up-and-let-God-sort-‘em-out” title for the X360. Did it break any new ground? Well, in a word: no. But that doesn’t mean that destroying everything in sight isn’t fun. In fact, The Outfit is one of the few… Read More »

Bargain Bin: Far Cry Instincts – Predator

By Mick, March 25, 2010 0 Xbox 360

Far Cry: Instincts is a shooter like no other: it had been long delayed, rumored to be cancelled, resurrected and hidden, all within three years. Plus, the PC title was released earlier this year—but PC users take note: Instincts is… Read More »