GEEK TECH Gold Medalist: Gelaskins

PS3 System Gelaskin: $29.95. Making your system look like a Ghetto Blaster: Priceless.

So we already covered cheap alternatives to giving your system a facelift…but cheap comes with its own price:99% of skin vinyls stretch easily, rendering the skin unusuable. Non-vinyl skins tend to be chunky, with poor adhesive.  And faceplates…well…faceplates will run you right around $10 per plate.

So what’s a geek to do? Hit up Gelaskins for starters.

Gelaskins exists in that 1% sliver for vinyl skins…they’re thin, strong, and will survive several applications…in the event that you have to send your system back to Microso…er…a repair facility.

And re-application is a huge thing for most skins—most don’t last past the initial application, so you can never set it “perfectly.” This isn’t the case with Gelaskins. In fact, the pictures below are the actual review samples Gelaskins sent—not PR images.

Click to see a zoomed-in example of the patented adhesive process

The strength and clean presentation are due mostly to their patented 3M adhesive–a grid system that virtually eliminates air bubbles and creases without accidentally scratching your new skin.  The top layer is smooth, high-gloss and anti-scratch, meaning it’s built to withstand bookbags, backpacks and the random crap whirling around your living room.

And when I say strength, I mean it. While applying, just for shits and giggles, I re-applied them, testing to see if the vinyl stretched upon removal. Nope. In fact, the Kindle 2 skin we used had probably the thinnest dimensions, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting the vertical borders to stretch out upon removal.

Negative. The lines stayed as crisp and clean as the initial application.

War of the Monsters PS3 Gelaskin: $14.95. GIANT GORILLAS FTW!!!

Next, we tested the PS3 controller, since it had the most individual stickers, combined with the need for the most precise application. As seen in the pic, there are a LOT of variables involved in correct skinning of the controller: the D-pad cannot “catch” on edges, nor can the buttons…after all, you don’t want stuck buttons in the midst of a firefight, do you?

Sure, it took me three tries to get it perfect, but as you can see in the pic, the skins are created to the PS3′s EXACT measurements, so a perfect application is necessary.

Actually, ALL of the Gelaskins products seem to be fit to the exact specifications of the products they’re protecting–a rarity in almost every other product out there.

And let me be clear, this isn’t an ass-kiss fest: we’ve used all of the products mentioned this week, and Gelaskins are the first to fully deliver. I accidentally stuck two pieces together, and peeled them apart with ease. No shit.

So with all of this good news, there’s bound to be bad, right? Well…

With the majority of quality items, you get what you pay for, and well, if you’re looking for a dirt-cheap, $10 easy way out, this ain’t it.

You’re looking at between $14.99 and $29.99 per skin…and considering that’s only a touch over what most Ebay skins are going for, it’s a steal. Then, pile in the fact that they have 100+ featured artists, from M.C. Escher to Frank Miller, with styles that will literally fit every gamer.

I say literally, because in addition to the hundreds of available designs, Gelaskins also offers you the ability to transpose any of your own imagery on to a skin, via its “Create Your Own” program. You can put  high-res screenshots ON your system…or customize your own logo.

Either way, the process is amazingly simple, and you’ll find that there’s no additional charge for customization. Sweet deal, huh?

Win me!

And speaking of sweet deals, do we have one for you! The cats at Gelaskins were awesome enough to give us a set of custom Wii and Wiimote skins from Ralph Steadman’s “Dr. Gonzo” print, and we’re passing ‘em on to you! All you have to do is comment in the “Geek Tech Week 1: Gelaskins” post on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win!

It’s just that easy!

Win me!!

So hit up and show ‘em some love…they’re our Geek Tech Gold Medalists for 2010!



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