NEWS: EA begins phasing out online passes


In a surprising move, EA is doing away with their annoying Online Pass System, according to EA Senior Director John Reseburg, in a statement to GamesBeat yesterday.

“Initially launched as an effort to package a full menu of online content and services, many players didn’t respond to the format,” said Reseburg. “We’ve listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward.”

Regardless of what the talking heads at EA, Sony, Ubisoft and others said, the pass was always designed to be a deterrent against purchasing secondhand titles from resellers. Problem was, Gamestop could always print you a backup code if you were buying used (if you remembered to ask), so their “buy only new games!” attempt didn’t go over terribly well.

At the very least, they’re paying attention…but is it possible that this is just a momentary respite? Many companies are adopting the “licensing” angle, IE you’re only buying a license to play the game…not the actual game itself.

What do you think their master plan is?


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