NEWS: Evolve’s cheating Elite


In an incredibly unscrupulous turn of events, inept (or incredibly lazy) players are farming Elite monster skins by entering a match en masse,  and simply standing in one place while the player controlling the monster feeds, evolves and cuts through the hunters and destroys the relay to end the round.

We first noticed this trend a couple days ago, and the movement (if you can call it that) has been gaining steam ever since. The practice is remarkably similar to the one employed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players who were repeatedly killing themselves to drop their rating enough to be dropped down into newbie matchmaking…where they could clean house.

Thing is, it’s an incredibly roundabout way to obtain Elite status, and though it’s apparently effective, one can only wonder if it’s worth all the trouble. For starters, you must corral a team (or the majority of a team) to commit to being online but not actually playing…and hope that they’ll do the same for you. Because if you can trust anyone, it’s definitely someone from Xbox Live.

But the biggest question of all: is it really fucking worth it? The whole point of playing the game is to have fun and hunt a massive, scary monster.  If you’re flagrantly cheating to win by killing a paper tiger (or, in this case, paper hunters), are they really victories at all? After all, what good is an award if you never truly earn it?



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