NEWS: Here’s that Arkham Origins L.E. you knew was coming!

arkham origins LE

Yup, with only a few scant months remaining, WB has released the box-shots of the “statue” edition that all of the previous Arkham titles have included. And when the European edition was announced with a statue included, U.S. fans began to salivate. Surprisingly, we’re getting the most complete limited edition, except for a steelbook. Nearly the same price, with way more stuff? Sign me up!

The Batman: Arkham Origins limited edition will include

  • A LED-lit statue of the Joker, designed by TriForce
  • Anarky logo stencil
  • A map of Gotham City with glow-in-the-dark elements
  • The entire “Necessary Evil” documentary outlining DC’s most dangerous supervillains
  • An 80 page, hardcover artbook
  • Wayne family photo
  • Wanted poster for Batman
  • Batwing prototype blueprint
  • “Assassin’s Intel Dossier”, a collection of files on the eight master assassins
  • The “original” Black Mask contract
  • The Deathstroke Challenge Pack
  • “The 1939″, a Detective Comics #27 (Batman’s first appearance) skin

Of course, if you don’t preorder it,  you likely won’t get it…so be sure to preorder it now, for a mere $119.99! Plus, preorders (from Gamestop and Amazon, at least), you’ll get two additional Black Mask challenge maps, as well as 2 more Deathstroke challenge maps.

click the pic to see a huge, detailed version of this pic!


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