NEWS: Mac Bitcoin Malware spreads via Angry Birds hack


If you’re a fan of pirated Mac titles, and you happen to have a hoard of Bitcoins, take heed: a Mac exploit, cunningly named “OSX/CoinThief is being transmitted by ”cracked” versions of Angry Birds, the OS X text editor BBEdit, the all-in-one media sorter Delicious Library and the graphics editor Pixelmator.

Savvy hackers have implemented an exploit that installs invisible browser add-ons, then transmits your login credentials during Bitcoin exchanges.

Once they have your e-wallet login credentials, they can drain or move your Bitcoin stores at their whim.

The major offender? Peer-to-peer software exchange servers trading torrent data embedded with the malware.

ESET malware experts have discovered that CoinThief is being spread via P2P file-sharing networks, disguised as cracked versions of the following popular Mac OS X applications.

Graham Cluley, a writer for ESET’s “WeLiveSecurity” said

The hackers behind the CoinThief trojan are trying to cash in on the current Bitcoin craze and fluctuating exchange rates by breaking into users’ digital wallets. As ESET’s research team has shown, Mac users who download and install pirated software from torrent sites are not only depriving developers of their rightful income, but are also putting their computers and finances at risk.

According to ESET, the malware seems to be predominantly appearing in American P2P Mac downloads. Previous versions of OSX/CoinThief have appeared as Trojans in Bitcoin monitoring software  such as StealthBit, Litecoin, BitVanity and the To The Moon (TTM) Bitcoin Ticker.

Security analysists recommend that all Mac users update their anti-virus systems first. Of course, NOT pirating software is also another pretty good idea.

For more information on the CoinThief malware and how to clean infected devices, visit ESET’s WeLiveSecurity blog HERE.


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