NEWS: Sony acquires patent to block used games

gamestop face

In an application filed last month (December 9th, to be exact), Sony Computer Entertainment patented technology that will not allow used/secondhand discs to play on consoles. It’s too late to implement this system on current gen consoles, but industry mumblings say that that new PlayStation is due out Q4 of 2013.

The system that was patented last month will link a brand-new game to your user ID the first you time you play it, meaning once the game is “activated”, any future attempt to play the disc on another console will be blocked…independent of a network connection. Of course, the point will be moot once hackers figure out how to reproduce the RF tag.

Also, this isn’t a guarantee that it’s the future of PlayStation gaming, but if it’s implemented on the next system, it won’t be a good sign for Gamestop.


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