SDCC 2013: Capcom’s Ducktales Remastered panel

dt title

Go ahead, I dare you to not sing this song. Even if you only remember the giddy and infectious Woo Hoo, it’s all you need for hours and days of, oh god please leave my brain. I present you with support material, seek hence child!

With nostalgia ringing through our ears, we all feel a little giddy about this new WayForward and Capcom title. Or I should say not-so-new, this remastered version of the old NES classic, that not only looks like fun for all ages and gamer generations, but with its hand-rendered characters and backgrounds, looks damn beautiful, too.

With 23 years in the business, and past franchise titles under their belts such as Double Dragon, A Boy And His Blob and Silent Hill, this team of committed creators and programmers, Capcom seem to be the company to do it.

I’m scared!

Ducktales: Remastered has

  • A focus on bringing back elements of classic gameplay
  • A remastered version of the 8-bit soundtrack from composer Jake “Virt” Kaufman.
  • Voice-overs by all of the living, original actors, with Alan young, 94, still playing Scrooge McDuck!

Matt Bozon, creative director talked lovingly of Scrooge, recalling his first impressions of him came from the original Carl Barks comics, while Austin Ivansmith cited the creative teams commitment to hand rendered portions of the game, having daily meetings to go over each animated sequence.

Who stacked all my chests like that!?

With 70 percent of the game true to its NES predecessor, the WayForward team claimed to have pulled for many different sources and directions, including the old cartoon and comics.

The tutorial portion of the game takes place in Scrooge’s money bin, where you can also swim in your loot.

Ducktales: Remasted will be available for  PSN, PC and Wii U in a duckblur on August 13, 2013 (Xbox LIVE Arcade to follow on September 11). Woo hoo!


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