SDCC 2013: Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren is just ducky about Ducktales: Remastered

dt mansion

Yesterday, we caught up with Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren while checking out the new Himilaya level of Ducktales: Remastered. Mere inches away from Scrooge’s moneybin, we could’t take our eyes off the screen…even to covet one of Uncle Scrooge’s immense rubies.

Yes, friends…Ducktales: Remastered looks that damn good.

The snazzy unveiling of the Himalaya level at SDCC 2013!

We were talking about the more revolutionary details of the Ducktales Remastered…I know that the developers went back to the original 8 bit game to make a reminiscent score for the DT Remastered game. But there are new levels, right? What did they do for those?

The game’s being developed by Way Forward, and they really understand the game and I think they were the perfect fit to develop this project. They really understan retro games and retro gaming culture, and they really know the special details they can put into a game, to make it something you really want to own. So when they approached the music, they realized that the original music is very iconic, and though they’ve completely done a brilliant remaster. For the new areas of the game, they actually went back and created original 8-bit songs, using the same technical limitations they had back in the NES days, that way, when they remastered and updated the new tracks, it sounded completely congruent soundtrack.

 I noticed that the game utilizes a cel-shaded, hand-drawn look,and it’s sharper than I’ve ever seen it look before…

Everything in the game is completely hand-drawn and animated, that’s why it comes out as beautiful and flowing sprites—it really brings the characters to life. They’re also very authentically Disney, so they really scrutinized the source material that was originally there. We also were able to get many of the original, living voice actors from the show.

For the level backgrounds, if you remember in the NES days, they were just repeated textures over and over again…there wasn’t really a lot you could do back in those days. Now, to bring the new backgrounds to life, they went back to the original cartoon series and found episodes that would line up with levels in the game, and they took elements from those episodes and integrated them into the new backgrounds. If you’re a really big Ducktales nut, there’s gonna be some things in the game that you’ll recognize instantly.

Check out those backgrounds!

Now that Disney’s making that “all 3D push”, could this be the last cel-shaded game we see?

It could be…not planned by any means, of course! The news came out when we were promoting the Ducktales remaster. Since they are moving to all 3D, the process to remaster animations in this game are very similar to how they created feature films back in the day.

What do you think is the most interesting aspect of Ducktales Remastered? Obviously you’re in the same age bracket as us “old gamers” that played the original NES title.

For me, I played Ducktales growing up, and if you would have asked me what my top 10 NES titles were, this would have been towards the top. Just to be able to see this come back, is a huge deal, because I don’t think anyone would have ever anticipated us doing a Ducktales remaster. And then, to see it crafted with such love and care makes it all the more amazing. When you play something back in the day, you have an awesome experience…but to be able to re-create that same experience later on in life makes it so much more special.

Scrooge: stylin’ and profilin’!

Are there any Rescue Rangers plans in the future?

We’re starting off with this…if Ducktales is a smashing success, you never know what the future may hold! I definitely know that Rescue Rangers has been the #2 game that has been requested ever since we announced Ducktales. People really, really love the old school Disney games; they were just super-quirky and super fun! I know I loved Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers…but as of right now, we’re focusing on making sure that Ducktales is a big success! After that, who knows what will be next?

I noticed that the D-pad and analog controls were interchangeable. Was that an intentional consideration, or did it just work out that way?

I can’t speak specifically for the control elements of analog vs. digital, but I know that they really wanted to keep the authenticity of its 8-bit predecessor alive. The game plays pretty much exactly the same as the original, except for slight modifications to modernize it a little bit. Certain things that were ok back in the NES era, like jumping down pits and dying repeatedly because you were looking for treasure, without any helpful clues. Now, if there’s a pit you can go down, you’ll see a little vine or ledge as a hint. There are also checkpoints. The level design is the same, but they’ve expanded on some of the boss battles, and they’ve also extended the ending sequences and have added a new tutorial level. There’s also a new museum, where you can view all the achievements and trophies you’ve collected, and it also tracks your progress in collecting the 5 Legendary Treasures. Also, for the first time, we also have Scrooge McDuck’s money bin as a playable area! I think every Ducktales fan has wanted to swim in the coins in Scrooge’s vault, and now you can!

“Just keep bouncing. Just keep bouncing. Just…”

After you beat the game on easy, difficult or hard, will it unlock one of Capcom’s famous “arrange” modes?

That’s a good question. I’m not at liberty to talk about all the special secrets hidden throughout the game, but there are surprises…I just don’t want to spill the beans quite yet!

The game’s going to be coming out on PlayStation Network, Wii U and Steam on August 13th, and on Xbox LIVE arcade on September 11th for $14.99.


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