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The consumption of drugs of plant origin for religious and therapeutic purposes has been well known since ancient times. Many of them were used to calm the pain, silence the cry of a child, and religious rituals where transmutation was the main protagonist. To achieve this, it was necessary to cause alterations in people’s behavior to the point of hallucinating.

In the middle of the 20th century, these hallucinogenic substances were banned in many countries since, in addition to being used for medicinal purposes, they began to be used for recreational purposes, generating negative effects on the body. At present, there is a rebound in research on substances psychedelika that have made it possible to demonstrate their benefits in treating chronic conditions.
Because they still have a condition of illegality in many of the world’s countries, scientists have been given the task of developing structurally modified substances psychedelika that are homologous to traditional ones and that generate similar effects. They get out of regulatory control and can be traded more easily.
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